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  TECHNOVATI0N MINI-OXYMETER MODEL EC3 is a LOW-COST instrument which measures % oxygen in a sample gas. It has a three digit display, 12 mm high and with 0.1 % steps. Sample gases are easily educted by the inbuilt pump. Rechargeable Ni/Cd batteries power the instrument. The instrument is supplied with a filter tube, a separate probe and battery-charger. It has a wide variety of applications


  • Internal pump
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Small, light-weight, portable digital monitor.

    It can be used as a COMBUSTION MONITOR by measuring the % O2 in exhaust flue gases. For the % O2 analysis in process gases or safety applications

    COMBUSTION PRINCIPLE: In a combustion process a fixed amount of 02 combines with Hydrocarbons (H or C atoms) to provide heat. If excess air is present it does not react in the combustion process but passes out of the chimney carrying away heat and lowering of combustion efficiency.

    Thus if the % oxygen (excess air) in the flue gas is minimized compatible with the equipment parameters then optimization of combustion is achievable. Also the exhaust flue gas temperature gets lowered thereby confirming that excess air heat-loss has been minimized resulting in better combustion efficiency and fuel saving


  • SAVING in boilers and heaters is achievable by starting with an excess air situation and then gradually reducing air/fuel ratio of the burners, by reducing excess air to the practical minimum level, while avoiding smoke, and thus improve the combustion efficiency.
  • Percentage combustion efficiency tables related to %02 & temperature readings of the flue-gas can be used to estimate, on- the-spot, likely savings of fuel oil.
  • BENEFITS: Mini oxy meter EC3 enables the user to measure and maintain %02 (excess air) at the optimum level leading to maximum fuel-savings. Operations are quick, easy and accurate.. The low cost long-lasting oxygen sensor incorporated together with other spares afford a unique long-term cost-benefit to the user.


  • Range: 0-25 %
  • Sensor type: O2 Electrochemical. life expectancy 24 months
  • Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD
  • Accuracy: 2 % FSD at constant temp
  • Resolution: 0.1% steps.
  • Gas Eduction: By inbuilt pump through probe
  • Power source: Rechargeable Ni/cd battery
  • Working temp.: 5o to 50o
  • Gas temperatures: 450 oC max. ateduction point. 40 oC max. at sensor
  • Response: T90 Less than 10 Secs.
  • Humidity: 10 to 90% RH noncondensing
  • Calibration: By Ambient air.
  • Low battery: Low Batt. Indicator
  • Size: 130 x 65 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 500g. nett

    Carrying case, Probe assembly ( Copper tube, Silicon rubber tube & Disc Filters), Battery charger.